2015 Postscripts

July 2015
July 16It’s time we rallied around flag vs China
July 14More of the same? Or something better?
July 12Phl bank accounts open to IRS probing
July 09Mison unburdens self on reform ‘saboteurs’
July 07Abaya blaming MRT bids panel or Roxas?
July 05As top mind-bender, TV decides winners?
July 02Roxas reminds Binays: You don’t own Makati!
June 2015
June 30Atong Ang casts long shadow on PCSO turf
June 28In office 20 years, our mayor is still running!
June 25No-show voters, tax evaders top whiners
June 23Give peace a chance. Try disarmament!
June 21Roxas to win in 2016 if Poe is disqualified
June 18Confidence building: Yield SAF killers first
June 16There’s cash for MILF, but not for SAF heroes
June 14No Plate Available? Scrawl ‘NPA’ instead
June 11Why can’t Binay cut clean from Aquino?
June 09Opinion poll on BBL best guide for solons
June 07Congress OK of BAR crucial to Noy defense
June 04Poe cannot evade residency question
June 02Bangsamoro safe from Islamic State?
May 2015
May 31Ask the people via a BBL referendum
May 28Just let next admin continue BBL game
May 26Is your congressman among ‘Porky Fifty’?
May 24Read BBL, and weep over the conspiracy!
May 21Don’t worry on BBL. God watches, waits
May 19Bangsamoro creation splits Catholic bishops
May 17Passing BBL is like legislating divorce
May 14Okay BBL as is, or pass to next admin
May 12Insist on national plebiscite on BBL
May 10NHA eyes last-minute deal with mall moguls?
May 07Alaxan didn’t help Pacquiao this time
May 05And da winnah is da Nevada mafia!
May 03Would credit-grabbers have taken the blame?
April 2015
Apr 30Mary Jane’s reprieve: Jostling for the credit
Apr 28Okay Bangsamoro as ARMM upgrade
Apr 26Plebiscite question: Join Malaysia or Phl?
Apr 23Throw the book at Brillantes et al.
Apr 21Royal clans divided on Bangsamoro bill
Apr 19Not true that Tugade resigned as CDC chief
Apr 16ITR filed manually, tax paid in 7 minutes
Apr 14Sonny, be careful. That’s Pancho Villa!
Apr 12Senate passing BBL: Dedicated or dictated?
Apr 09Full Mamasapano truth remains hidden
Apr 07Quick US response under MDT doubtful
Apr 05Lent is the best time for Noy to say sorry
Apr 02Noy agreed to amend Constitution for MILF
March 2015
Mar 31Isabela gas field can add to Malampaya
Mar 29Palm Sunday: On lying pols, fickle multitudes
Mar 26What we need is a Good Manager
Mar 24Phl can learn much from Lee Kuan Yew
Mar 22Duterte to ease out Mar as 2016 LP bet?
Mar 19Sabah claim traded in Bangsamoro deal?
Mar 17Port users must help ease cargo handling
Mar 15Imported newsprint killing local industry
Mar 12No need to resign. Just go on vacation
Mar 10FBI is not yet 100% sure Marwan’s dead?
Mar 08MILF is right: Senate CAB okay not needed
Mar 05We’ve ARMM already. Why insist on BBL?
Mar 03ARMM bloodless alternative to BBL
Mar 01Noy has a way out of BBL quagmire
February 2015
Feb 26Why the admin’s fear of street assemblies?
Feb 24Take your pick: BoI or Senate inquiry?
Feb 22Mamasapano killer syndrome hits MRT
Feb 19Assuming Noy quits, what happens next?
Feb 17Good morning. Who’s the president?
Feb 15Don’t prolong agony: Pass BBL right away!
Feb 12Aquino himself must answer the questions
Feb 10Gen. Alan Purisima, sir, that was an order!
Feb 08DNA tests still have to identify Marwan
Feb 05I disagree with calls for P-Noy to resign
Feb 03BBL not needed; MILF already has own gov’t
Feb 01President is afraid to confront MILF?
January 2015
Jan 29SAF operation run by P-Noy himself?
Jan 27Noy must rethink his love affair with MILF
Jan 25Hiding street kids is costly hypocrisy
Jan 22SC: No bar to Erap seeking public office
Jan 20Visit opens a path to transformation
Jan 18Filipino Catholics typhoon-proofed!
Jan 15Storm to greet Pope in Leyte? No problem!
Jan 13Would Aquino kiss Pope Francis’ ring?
Jan 11Securing the Pope: Don’t talk, just do it!
Jan 08Tetangco: Phl ready for economic tests
Jan 06Arrogance of power a hint of coming fall
Jan 04Let’s do it right this time, Mr. President
Jan 01Peace, progress: Twin focus in the New Year



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