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April 2020

A DOZEN Chinese experts on the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) arrived Sunday to help Filipino public health authorities check the local spread of the pandemic that has infected more than 1,270,000 worldwide, 3,246 of them in the Philippines. [ Read More ]

HOW much time and relative peace can P8,000 per family buy for the Duterte administration scrambling to stop the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) that has afflicted more than 3,094 Philippine residents and killed 144? [ Read More ]

THE HEALTH department tells us that of the 2,311 known cases of Philippine residents afflicted with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) as of 4 p.m. yesterday, 96 (or 4 percent) have died and 50 (or 2.2 percent) have recovered. [ Read More ]

March 2020

WE’RE not sure if President Duterte, who marked his 75th birthday last Saturday, believes in saints, but still we invite him to pray to St. Corona, a relatively obscure second century martyr of the Church whose remains are in Northern Italy. [ Read More ]

IN THE empty St. Peter’s Square shortly after midnight yesterday, Pope Francis ambled to an austere altar for the benediction of the Blessed Sacrament and gave his much-awaited Urbi et Orbi (to the City [of Rome] and to the World) address and blessing. [ Read More ]

AFTER he has done everything within his limited means to protect himself and others against the onslaught of the deadly coronavirus, what does the Filipino do? He prays. [ Read More ]

IT LOOKS like we Filipinos are running a starvation race with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) that has killed 25 out of 380 known local victims as of Sunday, or a mortality rate of 6.6 percent compared to the 4-percent world average. [ Read More ]

IT WAS redundant for the Bureau of Internal Revenue to “extend” from April 15 to May 15 the deadline for the filing of income tax returns using the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic as the reason. The deadline has long been extended by law. [ Read More ]

THE inter-agency task force coordinating the frontline agencies sent to contain the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a big help to the government’s recovering from its initial communication setbacks. [ Read More ]

IT IS odd that while the coronavirus (COVID-19) scourge is a public health emergency more than a security threat, President Duterte’s military-police apparatus is playing the lead role of enforcing the rules and guidelines. [Read More ]

CATHOLIC churches in Rome have been closed until April 3 to stem the spread of a coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that has killed at least 1,200 people across Italy. The Holy See itself has recorded one person infected. [Read More ]
HAVING missed President Duterte’s public appearances, we rushed to watch his televised presscon Tuesday evening expecting to see a reinvigorated leader explain how he would steer the country through the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis scaring the world. [Read More ]
ARE senators seeking a definitive ruling, or just a legal opinion, from the Supreme Court on whether or not the Senate’s two-thirds vote is always needed to validate and to terminate an international agreement entered into by the President? [Read More ]
SOME 972 of the 1,200 adult Filipinos (or 81 percent) that the Social Weather Stations claimed to have interviewed last year gave the Duterte administration an “excellent” satisfaction rating, translated by the SWS to a net grade of +73. [Read More ]

HAS Mayor Digong Duterte just added another qualification for Filipinos who want to become, like him, president of the Republic?

The Constitution lays down the basic qualifications of the president: A natural-born citizen, registered voter, able to read and write, at least 40 years of age on Election Day, and a Philippine resident for at least 10 years immediately preceding the election. [Read More ]

WE are not surprised by President Duterte’s disowning the moves disclosed by his ambassador to the United States for the possible replacement of the Phl-US Visiting Forces Agreement that Duterte has unilaterally terminated. [Read More ]
SEEING the filth poisoning our rivers and the trash being heaved back to us by the grumbling sea, one wonders if we could still learn to respect nature and coexist in a balanced ecosystem. [Read More ]

February 2020

MOST of us tough nuts may not be feeling it yet, but the penitential mood of Lent could be creeping up on us starting with Ash Wednesday yesterday. [ Read More ]

IT TURNS out that the 25-year-franchise of broadcast firm ABS-CBN is still good until May 4 this year, not earlier on March 30 as is widely believed. [Read More ]

THE DEADLY coronavirus (COVID-19) stalking the face of the earth is so pervasive that it is even changing, although not substantially, some Church practices as we know them in this dominantly Catholic country. [Read More ]

THE SOLICITOR General seems to have a dim view of the capacity of Supreme Court justices to have a fair appreciation of the administration move to cancel the franchise of media giant ABS-CBN if the issues are also debated in public. [Read More ]

WITH Duterte loyalists in the Senate now distancing themselves from a move to question at the Supreme Court the termination of the Phl-US Visiting Forces Agreement, the petition could arrive at the SC with Senate President Vicente Sotto and opposition solons as its pallbearers. [Read More ]

THE SENATE could provide President Duterte a face-saving excuse – if he wants one — to step back from the 180-day countdown that he triggered on Feb. 11 for the termination of the Philippines-United States Visiting Forces Agreement. [Read More ]

CAN President Duterte fill in the last two years of his term the void in the country’s defense system that will be created by the termination of the 20-year-old Visiting Forces Agreement between the Philippines and the United States? [Read More ]

THE NEXT dozen days will tell us if the New Clark City in Capas, Tarlac, is a suitable quarantine area for the first batch of 30 Filipinos repatriated Sunday from mainland China — or become the local epicenter of imported Novel Coronavirus (nCoV) infection. [Read More ]

OUR Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle will soon be leaving for Rome — to assume his new role as the Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples or Propaganda Fide. [Read More ]
WHEN Malacañang’s primary information agency twists indicator facts to achieve an ulterior propaganda effect, the masses who are engrossed with making a living are unable to know the true state of the nation and are thus easily manipulated. [Read More ]
A NERVOUS nation wonders if and when President Duterte will emerge from his weekend break to preside over a crisis meeting called belatedly to plot moves to nip the spread of the deadly Novel Coronavirus (nCoV) four days after the Philippines recorded its first case. [Read More ]
EVEN God the Creator had to rest on the seventh day, so maybe we should not begrudge President Duterte’s resting over the weekend before convening this week a top-level meeting on the Novel Coronavirus (nCoV) outbreak in the country. [Read More ]

January 2020

ASSUMING the epicenter of President Duterte’s latest fulmination against the United States is indeed the Philippines-US Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA), it might be best for him to decide first what he wants to be done with the 20-year-old pact. [ Read More ]

GOING around town threatening undesirable elements may work in a local Davao-like setting, but will the scare tactic work in the bigger world of foreign relations especially when dealing with superpowers and long-time allies? [ Read More ]

THE DEBATE over President Duterte’s attending the US-ASEAN summit in Las Vegas in March and the abrogation of the Visiting Forces Agreement with the United States appears to have been reduced to personal issues involving senators Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa and Leila de Lima. [Read More ]

EL SITIO nada importa,” Rizal said in his último adiós more than 120 years ago. The place, he suggested, does not really matter.

But while the patriot’s thoughts were on his impending execution in December 1896, those of the House of Representatives convening in Batangas City yesterday as a “committee of the whole” were focused on the imminent disastrous eruption of Taal Volcano. [Read More ]

AS this is being written, no word has come out of Malacañang if President Duterte is accepting President Trump’s invitation for him, with nine other Southeast Asian leaders, to attend a summit in Las Vegas on March 14. [Read More ]

ENVIRONMENTALISTS and people’s organizations opposing further reclamation of historic Manila Bay had better note that President Duterte has flashed only the yellow, and not the red, light to the bay projects still awaiting the green light. [Read More ]
PRESIDENT Duterte has apologized for his failure to react quickly when Taal volcano belched steam on Sunday, ruptured the ground, roiled the lake waters and rained noxious ash in what could be a sign of an imminent disastrous eruption. [Read More ]

THE LATE Jose Luna Castro, our editor at the pre-martial law Manila Times, once called me to his office to discuss my story about the then foreign secretary saying he was not aware that a nuclear-powered US aircraft carrier docked at the Subic Bay naval base the day before. [Read More ]

THERE are creative ways by which local officials who want to stay longer than the three-term limit can “serve” legally beyond their allotted maximum of nine (3×3) consecutive years in office. [Read More ]

MALACANANG seems to regard the plight of some 8,000 Filipinos caught in the turmoil in Iraq and Iran as mainly a short-term military situation, so President Duterte decided Friday with military and police top brass that evacuation is the best response. [Read More ]

AS the world braces for Iran’s “severe retaliation” for the Friday assassination of its top military commander Qassem Soleimani, Filipinos in Iraq, where he was killed in a precision US airstrike, have been advised to prepare for possible evacuation. [Read More ]

PRESIDENT Duterte does not always play by the same rules for similar situations, rendering many of his statements and actions puzzling to those who try to guess his game plan. [Read More ]

PRESIDENT Duterte does not always play by the same rules for similar situations, rendering many of his statements and actions puzzling to those who try to guess his game plan. [Read More ]

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